Connecting Consumers to Their Favorite Stores

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All Your Store Card Needs in One App

No more bulky wallets or plastic cards. We put the loyalty programs and gift cards of your favorite stores together, all in one app.


Effortless Tracking of Rewards and Store Card Balance

Earn and view your points and their dollar equivalent easily. Your current gift card balance is always visible on the app. By letting you track your own loyalty progress, we help you receive maximum benefit.


Discover Nearby Stores That Accept Cambi

Use the app to find stores in your neighborhood that accept Cambi. You can buy gift cards and sign up for loyalty, right from the map. You will also be reminded when you are near a store that you have a gift card from or are a member in. We strengthen loyalty through convenience and comfort.


No-Fuss, No-Hassle Process

Use the app at the checkout counter to redeem and collect loyalty points for purchases and to pay with gift cards. With no codes and membership numbers to remember, we keep the point of sale process efficient.

If you own or manage a store and would you like to try Cambi

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